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I'll say off the bat, AirPods are probably my favorite product since getting the original iPhone. I'm not sure exactly why - but the ability to no longer care about any wires and the movement of your head while listening or talking on the phone is...just fun. Plain and simple.

I'll also say I was incredibly fortunate. I bought and picked up on the same day thanks to an in stock notification. When picking them up, the Apple employee told me their entire 100+ unit run that they had received that day had been sold. As of writing - AirPods still have weeks before shipping.

 Incredible how Apple got all of this tech into such a small package.

Incredible how Apple got all of this tech into such a small package.

As far as sound quality goes, the AirPods are definitely a cut above the regular EarPods. The sound quality is good, though background noise from the environment can get annoying as the AirPods themselves are not especially loud. I am not a massive music aficionado - just whatever Apple Music

At $159, they're incredibly well priced for the type of product - I'd say it's nearly impossible to find a set of wireless headphones with the same quality as this. Apple is really trying to get these in as many hands (and ears!) as possible - they could easily have priced these at $200 and still been competitive. 

The W1 chip in the AirPods make setup a breeze. Just open the dental floss case and tap connect on your iPhone. Done. They're now registered so every time you put them in your ear, you can tap on them and tell Siri to play.

Speaking of tapping - I'm mixed on the tapping feature. I love that you can tap and direct your iPhone to play whatever you want. But there is so much more Apple can do with this (and some good steps coming in iOS 11). It also seems to engage my screen on my iPhone, despite it being in my pocket (ideally, it should activate Siri without any screen movement given proximity sensor).

 Tap Connect and you're done. Simple.

Tap Connect and you're done. Simple.

Battery life is pretty good. The AirPods themselves last for a few hours, which is fine for my use. The case seems to last for days and days - I charge it once a week tops. You get a picture of all the level of batteries in the Today view on iOS (if you've used an Apple Battery Case, you know what I mean).

Overall - I love this product. It really does remind me of when I got my iPhone in 2007. It's just freeing. You act totally different with them on - I often forget and just walk around with them in. I think AR will be really interesting with AirPods. "Hey Siri, what's that building near me?" "Hey Siri, tell me about the Mona Lisa".

I'm excited to see what Apple develops next for the AirPods. In the meantime, they're definitely worth the wait.