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"Bigger than bigger."

I've spent the last three weeks with my new, shiny iPhone 6. It's a fantastic phone - and improves on the 5s in nearly every way (though, that depends on the size of your hands). 

Though, I can't help but notice that there isn't anything truly different this time around other than the screen (which is exquisite, might I add). To be honest, the most exciting thing about it coming from a 16gb 5s is the 64gb of memory that I chose and an upgraded camera.

In fact, the display was more worrying to me than exciting when the phone first came out (and I can say with 100% conviction that I am extremely glad that I didn't get the 6 plus).

That's not to say I'm not happy with it - quite the contrary. If anything, I think it's an extremely positive sign. My iPhone has started to evolve to the point where nothing is getting in the way - nothing is missing. There isn't some feature that I have to get in the next upgrade cycle and that means that the technology can start getting out of the way.

And there's something to be said about that. About the fact that I can fully immerse myself in the experience rather than think "oh, well if only I had this feature". I think that Apple has come a long way on its software and experience side and that has made a huge effort in the way I use my devices. iOS 8 is a fantastic leap in terms of interoperability - not just between Apple services, but between third-party services as well.

That's a momentous leap forward for Apple & I think Tim Cook has done a fantastic job leading the company. That being said - there are still the occasional bugs. 8.0.1 also locked me out of being able to use my phone, which was just fantastic.

 7 years.

7 years.

The design of the phone is spectacular. The screen is incredible to use. It feels as if it has been painted on. If you haven't gotten a chance to use one yet, I highly recommend popping down to an Apple store and trying it out. As the glass is curved around the side ever so slightly, your thumb glides like butter across the screen - even 10 days later, I haven't gotten over how fantastic that feels.

The screen is crisp. 4.7" is my max, I think. I tried out the Plus and nearly dropped it multiple times. Similarly from the 3.5" to 4" transition, going back to my 5s (which I had to do for a short period thanks to the 8.0.1 bug that killed service...) made me feel like my hands were the size of an NBA player's. 

The phone is fast per usual. The second option being 64gb instead of 32gb is great - and a smart way for Apple to up-sell and increase margins. I don't think 16gb is viable in 2014, especially with native apps being on the rise and the sizes of them growing immensely.

One of the best improvements that I've noticed is battery life. It's so much better. I can't get over this even after 3 weeks of use. I no longer get that "battery anxiety" if I'm using my phone all day and worry that it won't last into the night. The only time I've ever struggled with battery life is if I was running navigation on my phone for an extended period of time.

 Look at that!

Look at that!

The camera is also great - which we've come to expect from Apple's latest flagship. However, I was very much on the fence about getting the 6 plus just because of the optical image stabilization. My hands are fairly shaky, so some OIS is always helpful. However, I opted against it due to size (as mentioned above). Here's a gallery of some images. No edits other than some cropping have been made.

Overall, the 6 is a great phone and a great upgrade for anyone in the Apple ecosystem. I'd have no hesitation in recommending it to someone in the market (and I'd recommend it over the 6 plus just because of size). The non 's' versions of the phone are always much bigger leaps, so even coming from a 5s, you'll see improvement.

I think iOS 8 is also a large part of that. It's becoming more open and allowing developer to have more freedom in the way they implement their apps & services, and that's a welcome change as a consumer. I'm not a huge one for the keyboards, but the widgets in the notification centers and the increase TouchID access is very useful & convenient.

A(nother) great phone from Apple & the best on the market currently.