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8/4/15 Update: There seems to be an issue with certain Skagen watches (including mine!) where it spontaneously cracks. This has been noted on various reviews on Amazon and other sites. I was walking into my bedroom and heard a crack - I didn't know where it came from, but when I looked at my watch 5 minutes later, there was a deep crack through the glass. It still works, but it was barely 1 month old at the time!


"Simple design for a better life."

- Skagen Designs

Skagen is a Danish accessories company that manufactures very simplistic, but beautiful watches. Originally founded as a watch manufacturer in New York by two Danes in 1989, the company has grown tremendously since then and is currently owned by Fossil. The company's focus is on simplistic, but functional design. Not too dissimilar from Braun.

The name of the company, Skagen, originates in a small sea-side village at the most northern point of Denmark. The town, originally founded in 1413, is a fishing town and the main fishing port of Denmark. It's also the meeting point of two seas, the Skagerrak and the Kattegat, which is reflected in the company's logo.

The model that I'm taking a look at is the "Melbye" with steel mesh band and a black titanium case. It's a very thin watch, measuring in at just 7.6mm. The face is very uncluttered with just two number signs, the 12 & the 6, the day of the week, and the date. 

Coming from a much thicker watch with built in chronograph (which I never, ever used), this is a nice and elegant change. 

It's worth mentioning that the watch clasp is fully adjustable. There are a variety of rivets on the underside of the mesh band, which allow the location of the clasp to change. This is very convenient if one's wrist size changes as there is no need to visit a watch shop/jeweler for alteration. 

The band itself is quite unique. It's a metallic mesh band, which is incredibly flexible. It's almost braided metals and will bend any which way you'd like. I really enjoy the band as it means I can be as active as I want without any issues of comfort while wearing the watch.

Overall, I highly recommend this watch - or most other watches that Skagen offers. I'm coming to this watch from a Wenger watch that I bought a long time ago. It's a much heavier watch, so putting on this Skagen in the morning is very noticeable - in a good way. I was fortunate enough to receive this watch as a graduation (woo!) gift, but it's a steal even at its $175 price point. Big thumbs up from me.